Police Heroes

In recent years, with a growing number of cell phones and body cameras recording police encounters, we have seen shocking examples of police brutality and misconduct, sometimes leading to unjustified deaths.  What we seldom see highlighted in the media, however, are the 99.99 percent of dedicated law enforcement officers who day in and day out do the right thing. They make our streets safe, go the extra mile to resolve an issue, and do whatever it takes to protect your rights, freedoms and security. Every day, committed officers do great things that we never hear about, but if we did, we likely would take them for granted.

This book features ten compelling stories about ordinary law enforcement officers who, powered by extraordinary courage or compassion or both, gave everything they had—and then some—in heroic efforts that saved lives, prevented tragedies or eased heartache in a time of despair.  They were all quite humble and quick to give credit to their training and their comrades.  Among the heroes you will read about are: the big city officer who endangered his own life to stop others from ending theirs, the patrolmen who raced through a deadly wildfire to evacuate dozens of homeowners, the small-town cop who single-handedly ended a murderous rampage, the female deputy who was shot seven times while saving the lives of three children, and the state trooper who sacrificed his cruiser to stop a wrong-way driver from a head-on collision.

None of these heroes did it for the medals and honors and accolades they received afterwards.  They did it because that was what they were trained to do, what they needed to do, what they wanted to do.  It was their job.  It was their calling.

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