Bad Pets: Bad to the Bone

Whether they live in a doghouse or a birdcage, roam in a neighborhood or a forest, play in the backyard or the family room, pets and nature’s other creatures often turn into mischief-makers, troublemakers and noisemakers.  Their crazy antics tend to leave their owners and victims rolling their eyes in amusement, befuddlement and, yes, occasionally anger.  It’s always been that way.

This book offers another fun collection of true accounts of animal shenanigans ranging from the bizarre to the ridiculous.   For example, you will read about the dog who brought a gushing water sprinkler into the house, the pet goat who stole candy from a convenience store, the dogs who sank their owners’ cars, the possum who got drunk in a liquor store, the donkeys who wound up in jail, the dog who destroyed a wedding cake on the day of the big event, and the cats who took an unwanted spin in the family dryer.   One thing is certain: Cats and dogs, cows and bulls, goats and sheep and other animals both wild and domesticated can be wacky and zany.

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