Bad Pets: Caught in the Act!

Oh, those silly, crazy pets of ours! Whether they bark or meow, sleep in their kennels or on your bed, lick your face or perch on your shoulder, our pets—as well as their cousins in the wild—can, at times, find unbearable ways to get our goat. Have you ever scolded your cat for swiping food off your plate, your dog for chewing on your homework, or your parrot for imitating an annoying siren?

No matter, we often find it impawsible to keep a straight face when we’re reprimanding them because, well, they’re just so darn goofy, funny, and lovable. Yes, they can be as stubborn as a mule or as sly as a fox. They can go hog wild and horse around. And often, they can still weasel out of trouble.

Some of their wackiest escapades have been documented in five previous books in the Bad Pets series. But five books can’t come close to covering the idiocy, insanity, and impishness of family pets and wild animals. So this book offers another fun collection of true accounts of animal monkeyshines ranging from the absurd to the zany.

For example, you will read about the dog who stole a book out of a bookstore, the family cat who flooded the house, the bears who frolicked in their own pool party, the raven who stole a tourist’s camera and snapped a picture, the pet donkey who gnawed on a super expensive sports car, the cats who took unwanted spins in washing machines, and the dogs who swallowed their owners’ wedding rings.

Will our pets ever stop driving us batty with their harebrained antics? Sure, when pigs fly.

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