The Hero Inside of You

In these turbulent times, we need heroes more than ever. Luckily, there are heroes all around us – and not just on the silver screen or in the sports arena. This book features 260 thrilling and inspiring true stories of extraordinary men, women and children – and even pets – who went beyond the call of duty to help their fellow man. For example: a one-legged man dashed through flames to save an old woman… a schoolteacher thwarted a crazed gunman… a grandma leaped on a crocodile to save a man from the jaws of death… a coed gave up a cushy life in America to help children in India’s slums. This book celebrates the heroes among us – those courageous souls who did the right thing no matter how risky, no matter how costly.

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While driving on Interstate 75 in Cincinnati in 1984, salesman Arthur Naltner, 42, saw a piece of metal fly off the back of a truck and crash through the windshield of the motorist in front of him. The driver, Charles Snowdy, 25, was knocked unconscious by the impact. However, his car continued traveling but was now out of control at about 45 m.p.h. The quick-thinking Naltner maneuvered his subcompact auto in front of Snowdy’s full-sized car until the bumpers made contact and then by braking, he brought both cars to a stop. Snowdy recovered from his injuries.