World’s Dumbest Crooks 2

Most criminals aren’t too smart or else they wouldn’t be committing offenses in the first place. Thank goodness, the stupidity of the criminal knuckleheads usually leads them to screw up, making the police officers’ job of catching them so much easier. Cops are constantly amazed at the folly and futility displayed by these fools.

In this book, you will read more than one hundred accounts of some of the dumbest crooks ever captured such as the fleeing gunman who wound up stuck in freshly-poured cement… the bandit who tried to rob a convenience store clerk after giving her his driver’s license… the bumbling burglars who hopped into what they thought was their get-away car but was an unmarked squad car with a deputy inside… the carjacker who led police on a high-speed chase until the road dead-ended into the parking lot of a state prison… the vandals who posted pictures of themselves committing their crimes on the Internet.

Yes, there is absolutely no shortage of absurdity in the world of criminals, which is always good for a few chuckles. And the best part is their victims end up getting the last laugh.

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