Fact or Fake?

Witches were burned at the stake in Massachusetts… The moon will eventually crash into the Earth… You shrink a little bit every day.

You hear statements all the time that make you wonder, “Is it true or is it false?” Well, this book is designed to help answer that most common of questions, and test your knowledge on subjects ranging from animals to science to geography and beyond. Each page gives a statement, and it’s up to you to guess whether it’s fact or fiction. Flip the page to find out if the statement is an interesting piece of information, a real-world actuality, a proven truth… or an urban legend, a long-held myth, or an old wives’ tale.

To get you primed, here’s a fact: Of the first three sentences in this description of the book, only one of the statements is, in fact, a fact. Can you guess which one? If you picked the last one, you are correct!

Please note that most of the Scholastic books can be purchased only through school book fairs and Scholastic’s monthly school book club catalogs.  For this book, ask for item number 978-0-545-53551-9.