Weird But True Tales

Although this book doesn’t feature any ghosts, it still has plenty of eerie stories — ones about incredible coincidences, strange twists of fate, unbelievable luck or wondrous happenings of serendipity.

For example: A high school girl named Jackie suffered a broken leg in a skiing accident. In the hospital, several nurses mistook her for someone else. Jackie was stunned beyond belief when she discovered why… Gusting winds forced a hot-air balloonist to land in the yard of a young woman who he had never seen before. When the balloonist introduced himself, the woman was astonished… Katie was putting her horse away in the barn. But several small mishaps prevented her from going into the barn’s loft. To her shock, she eventually discovered that those “accidents” saved her life. (This book was previously published as Could It Be True?.)

Many people, including kids, claim they have seen ghosts in all sorts of places like cemeteries, bedrooms, attics, schools, roadways, forests and caves. In many cases, experts were called in to investigate these so-called hauntings. Usually the experts walked away baffled. All they knew for sure was that something weird had happened that could not be fully explained.

Each book in the Haunted Kids series is a creepy collection of eerie tales based on, or inspired, in part, by real-life cases taken from the files of noted ghost hunters.

Do ghosts really exist? You might think so after reading the spooky stories in the Haunted Kids series.

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