The audio version of Haunted Kids read by John Ratzenberger

You’ll hear a collection of 11 creepy tales inspired by real-life cases taken from the files of noted ghost hunters. The stories come from Allan Zullo’s first book in his popular Haunted Kids series and are read by actor John Ratzenberger, who gained international fame as the character Cliff in the TV show Cheers. During more than three decades of movie making, the Emmy-nominated actor has done the voice of characters on many hit animated films including Toy Story, Monsters, Finding Nemo, Cars and Up

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Many people, including kids, claim they have seen ghosts in all sorts of places like cemeteries, bedrooms, attics, schools, roadways, forests and caves. In many cases, experts were called in to investigate these so-called hauntings. Usually the experts walked away baffled. All they knew for sure was that something weird had happened that could not be fully explained.

Each book in the Haunted Kids series is a creepy collection of eerie tales based on, or inspired, in part, by real-life cases taken from the files of noted ghost hunters.

Do ghosts really exist? You might think so after reading the spooky stories in the Haunted Kids series.

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