America’s Most Haunted: True Scary Creatures

Do strange monsters really exist in America? Most scientists say it’s not likely. But believers point to interesting evidence such as eyewitness accounts, unexplained footprints, photographs of unidentified animals, and audiotapes of unknown beastly sounds–all of which defy the understanding of current science. After reading accounts in this book of such creatures as Lizard Man, Champ, Momo, and Whitey, among others, you can make up your own mind.

Many people, including kids, claim they have seen ghosts in all sorts of places like cemeteries, bedrooms, attics, schools, roadways, forests and caves. In many cases, experts were called in to investigate these so-called hauntings. Usually the experts walked away baffled. All they knew for sure was that something weird had happened that could not be fully explained.

Each book in the Haunted Kids series is a creepy collection of eerie tales based on, or inspired, in part, by real-life cases taken from the files of noted ghost hunters.

Do ghosts really exist? You might think so after reading the spooky stories in the Haunted Kids series.

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