True Tales of Animal Heroes

Some people claim that animals can’t show compassion and courage like humans can. The evidence is overwhelming, however, that animals are capable of acting with kindness and concern toward humans — especially those who desperately need help.

For instance, a Border collie and a Rottweiler teamed up to rescue a drowning boy. A devoted cat fought off an intruder who was assaulting a young girl.

You might expect a loyal pet dog or cat to come to the aid of its master, but even animals in the wild have performed astounding, kindhearted deeds. Two elk saved a lost boy from freezing to death. A pod of dolphins foiled a shark attack on a helpless swimmer.

Yes, heroes come in all shapes and sizes. They gallop and swim and fly. They snort and whinny and bark — and they sometimes come to the rescue at a critical moment.

This book is filled with remarkable stories of animals whose spirit and bravery saved the lives of young people in gripping life-or-death ordeals.

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