Incredible Dogs and Their Incredible Tales

Dogs are brave, smart, loyal and goofy. They are eager to play and even more eager to please. They ask for nothing more than a pat on the head and food in their bowl.

This book is a celebration of incredible canines — a fancy word for dogs — whose antics and adventures will astound and amuse you. For example, Yellow Dog the mutt made an official appearance in a professional baseball game… Meg the Border collie herded sheep even though she had only two legs… Bruno the Great Dane caused a plate-smashing, glass-shattering panic in an elegant hotel… Henry the retriever ran right off a 140-foot cliff and lived to chase birds again.

The book includes many remarkable stories of dog heroes. For instance, Budweiser the St. Bernard twice ran into a burning house to rescue children… Blue the Australian blue heeler, fought off a huge alligator to save the life of his master… Mariah the Rottweiler stopped an attack on her master by grabbing a baseball bat… and Punch the Labrador retriever saved a fellow hunting dog from drowning.

Whether they are strays, purebreds or mutts, one thing is certain. Dogs are simply amazing!

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