Bad Pets Save Christmas!

Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes we drive our pets crazy during the holidays? No wonder that on Christmas Day, our lovable pets just want to bury themselves under mounds of wrapping paper or curl up in empty gift boxes.

Ah, but what about the scamps, scoundrels and stinkers during the holidays? You know the ones — the bad pets that tear into presents at night, or knock over the Christmas tree, or swipe a slice of turkey when no one is looking. Well, these rascally creatures might not be so terrible after all. In their own zany, annoying, devilish ways, they too can make Christmas extra special.

In this book, you’ll read stories about outrageously naughty dogs, cats, a monkey, a horse, a pig and a raccoon that turned the holidays into an unforgettable time. The stories are loosely based on, or inspired by, true-life events. These tales prove that no matter how absurd, annoying or harebrained bad pets are, they can still create wonderful holiday memories that last a lifetime.

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