Golf Is a Funny Game

This book is a collection of more than 200 entertaining true anecdotes, almost all of them capped by a classic quip executed by the golfer with the precision of a flawless bunker shot into the cup. The stories range from the days of hickory shafts to recent times and involve current members of the PGA, Champions, and LPGA Tours as well as past professionals and amateurs of all ages and skills.

Whether it’s the hacker who caught his own ricocheted drive, the pro who stripped down to his shorts to play a shot, or the caddie who lost a golf bag during a round, one thing is certain: Golf is a funny game.

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While playing golf in Pennsylvania, Geoff Toonder putted out and walked back to the cart. As his playing partner, Dr. Bob Oristaglio, sank the putt, Toonder suddenly jumped out of the cart and dropped his pants. He had suffered a bee sting on his rear and asked Dr. Oristaglio to get the stinger out. The sight of a man kneeling next to his playing partner’s bare butt bemused the golfers playing behind the twosome. The group rode up to the two men and asked one simple question: “What was the bet?”