Astonishing But True Golf Facts

The history of golf boasts a rich heritage of incredible incidents, hilarious happenings, fantastic feats and remarkable records.

This book chronicles a sampling of the people, places and events in golf that hopefully will astound, baffle and amuse you. It’s chock full of more than 500 intriguing facts like:

  • The pro golfer whose wayward shot landed in the hot dog of a spectator.
  • The amateur who nailed back-to-back holes in one on consecutive par-4’s.
  • The British Open contender who needed 11 shots to get out of a bunker — and still won.
  • The pro who took 12 strokes to hole out from only three feet.
  • The Australian who walloped a drive more than 1 1/2 miles.

From weekend matches to country club tourneys to the prestigious majors, golf will continue to amaze, confound and delight us — just like the collection of fascinating facts in this book.

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In 1997, Bill Morse, a 7-handicap golfer from Hartford, Conn., celebrated his 51st birthday in a bizarre way. At Connecticut’s Country Club of Farmington, Morse launched his ball from the first tee, and it came to rest in the cup at the 18th! The drive had sailed through the branches of a large spruce tree 50 yards away, then reversed directions when it caromed off rocks near a cart path. The banged-up ball landed on the left front of the l8th green and rolled about 30 feet into the cup.