Amazing But True Golf Facts

After the book Astonishing But True Golf Facts was published, it became quite obvious that there was a need for another book about more incredible incidents, hilarious happenings, fantastic feats and remarkable records in golf. Let’s face it, the game of golf has given us so much to talk — and write — about.

This book chronicles a sampling of the people, places and events in golf that hopefully will intrigue and fascinate you. The vast majority of the items take place over the past ten years, facts such as:

  • The pro who, during an exhibition, landed more than 1,500 drives within a 30-yard circle, missing the target just eight times.
  • The Tour player who won a tournament after his wayward drive struck his fiancée and bounced back onto the fairway.
  • The penny that cost a Tour player $100,000 in lost earnings.
  • The wife of a Tour player who sent a man dressed in a gorilla suit to cheer up her slumping husband.
  • The 101-year-old golfer who shot a hole in one.
  • The power golfer who can slam a golf ball through a phone book and a 3/4-inch piece of plywood.

From munis to championship courses, golf will continue to amaze, confound and delight us — just like this new collection of fascinating facts hopes to do.

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During the 1939 U.S. Open, Byron Nelson hit the pin six times from the tee or the fairway. But not one of those shots dropped in the cup for an ace or an eagle. The shots were struck with six different clubs—wedge, 9-iron, 6-iron, 4-iron, 1-iron and driver. The bad luck led to a tie and an 18-hole Monday playoff, which he won with a 70 that included a pin-clinking eagle on the par-4 fourth hole. Nelson said that had he lost, it would have been one of the most frustrating losses of his career.