Butter My Butt and Call Me A Biscuit!

This amusing daily calendar serves up a passel of clever country sayin’s.  Whether you’re lookin’ to sweet-talk your honey or poke fun at your friend, each page features a downhome expression guaranteed to fit the occasion and tickle the funny bone.  Each page also has a colorful cross-stitch pattern that adds to the fun.  Now that’s worth writin’ home about!

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Surprised to learn that your widowed grandpa signed up for an online dating service, you might exclaim…

Well, burn my boots and rip my socks! Gramps has done gone sparrow catchin’!



Referring to an absolutely witless coworker, you might observe…

There walks a rube who ain’t got any grain in the silo.



Referring to an enthusiastic student whose great idea for a class project was just shot down by the teacher, you might say…

The butter done slipped off his noodle.