Young Survivors of the Holocaust

This book showcases ten incredible true stories of remarkable boys and girls who survived the Holocaust.  Their experiences are horrifying because that’s the way they really happened.  It’s hard to imagine that anyone, especially children, could bear so much suffering from so much cruelty.

These accounts are based exclusively on personal, lengthy interviews with each survivor. Using real names, dates and places, the stories are written as factual and truthful versions of the survivors’ recollections.

Among the stories in this book, you will read about a teenage boy who survived a botched escape attempt that killed his sister and then lived through a horrid, winter death march by eating rotting leaves… a girl who faced the notorious Joseph Mengele — known as The Angel of Death — and talked her way out of being exterminated… a boy who climbed out of a window of a locked fifth-floor room of condemned Jews and crawled across a wooden plank to another building while Nazi guards below were shooting at him… a brother and sister who slipped past Nazi guards and escaped a ghetto by hiding in an empty water barrel on a horse-drawn wagon… a boy who took on the identity of a non-Jew and faked out his Nazi interrogators… two young sisters who lived through the horrors of Auschwitz as slave laborers.

Each of the book’s extraordinary and inspiring stories will help you understand how important it is to keep recalling the past… so no one every forgets.

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