Grandmas & Grandpas


The love between grandparents and their grandchildren is extra special, and this charming calendar expresses the sweet sentiments and, more often, the hilarious punch lines that result from this close relationship.  Each daily page features a priceless quotation about grandparents, an engaging story or a funny anecdote like this one: When told her grandma would soon turn sixty, the three-year-old exclaimed, “Sixty?  I don’t know that number.”

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Partners in Crime?

LeAnn (Mimi) was pretty much at her wit’s end after baby-sitting her three grandchildren, ages four, seven and nine. “Lordy,” she told them, “you’re going to be the death of me yet.” Nine-year-old Jon cracked, “I hope they don’t charge us with murder.”

Cry Baby

Mary flew into town to get her first glimpse of her new grandson, who was two weeks old. When she entered the house, she asked the infant’s three-year-old brother Sean, “How do you like your new baby brother?” Sean replied, “I wish Mommy and Daddy would take him back to the hospital for a new one.” Mary asked, “Why?” The boy replied, “He cries all the time.”